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sasusaku is a community devoted to all things related to the pairing of Uchiha Sasuke and Haruno Sakura from the Naruto series. Feel free to post icons, fanfiction, and anything else that relates to SasuSaku. Also be sure to check out the SasuSaku Recommendations List.

[-] Use common sense: don't flame other members or deliberately make them angry. Disagreements in discussions/debates are not mature or valid reasons to personally attack anybody. This is a community, not a boxing arena. Be nice!
[-] Put recent spoilers under a cut. If you don't know how, please contact a mod/maintainer.
[-] Remember to tag all your posts - this makes it easier for members to find old posts or certain topics they're interested in. If there aren't any tags appropriate for your post, contact the mods/maintainers to make a new tag.
[-] If you have more than three icons in one post please put them under a cut.
[+]Fan Fiction
[-] Please make a post with the title, rating, and general summary of your story and put it under a cut or link.
[+]Fan Art
[-] Post as much as you want. Just make sure to either link it or put it under a cut.

Q:Does anyone know where I can find some good SasuSaku fanfiction/fanart/links?
A: Please refer to our recommendation list or our all-purpose guide to SasuSaku. Also be sure to submit any good finds. :D

Q:What can/can't I post?
A: You can post pretty much anything (as long as it is, of course, related to SasuSaku). This community is moderated very loosely and we've never had any problems. Just follow the rules. Introduction posts are fine. Make sure to mark anything that could offend younger fans, as well as any spoilers. Basically, just use common sense and LJ-cuts! :D

Questions? Contact God (snoozy) or one of His archangels (blackette, schmaltzyyy or daisyulliel).
Moderator: copper_season.


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