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List of Fanfiction recommendations.

I just decided to do this! Here is my extensive list of really, really, good SasuSaku fanfiction!

And even though I love all these fanfics, the ones with ** are my super-duper, OMG, have to read them oveer and over, FAVORITES!

· second chances by red crow
· frozen by salieri
· the butterfly by tea leaf
· the pain of love by daydreamer5290
· the calling by shinobispirit
· calming the insanity by ochaleaf
· holding my own by bored nephil
· a chance to forgive by falling snow of flowers
· survival of the fittest by daydreamer5290
· you can cry on my shoulder by chelsey-chan
· wasted years by mizerable
· three pieces of an annoyingly difficult puzzle by kokoro kakera hp
· she's mine by khostar
· once upon a september by snow-maiden13
· konoha's guardians by silver dragonfly
· forgotten by lightdreamer
· my choices by a.z-justice
· beyond hatred and revenge is love by the butterfly catcher
** i know those eyes by roomfishing
· hidden by mindlezz
** she belonged to spring by stella bomb
** schon by angel-puppeteer
** swing by fireblazie
** the uchiha restoration by dr. breifs cat
· under the sakura tree by yasai-chan
· shadow by chelsey-chan
· the last petal by ppiglette
· her demon, his angel by drunkdragon12888
** someone screaming by ayane selznick
· complexity by summerdragonfly
** not your fairy tale relationship by crysthur and artheph
· a change of heart by sakura forever
** the dynasty by shibbie
** conspiracy of the heart and soul by nadyell
· twilight by iluxia
· lost by by lila paige rose
· a loss of me by richiied
· my life by cherryblossom gurl13
· day to day by ihearvoices
· the story of sasuke & sakura by taiki-kun
· in my life by emperatris
** child at heart by cuito
· tadaima by ethereal-moonrain
** the uchiha tragedy by quijote3000
· beyond hearts and minds by xyoushax
· a place we call home by withering princess
· my sakura by zero2-the-scyther
· mismatched by phoe-chan
** 31 hath days to december by angelofdeath10
· more than words by kakashisno1fangirl
· feelings from the heart by kinzenko
· just for you by complexity66
· expecting ninja by hgamelia
** past peripheral vision by nadyell
· leaf festival by smiling-fox
· backstabbing love by livelovelaugh
· eripmav by miss ribbit
· what are these memories? by yuugi-chan
· a good flower takes time to bloom by aznanime-eyes
· the flower that blooms in spring by goodgurl
** gang bang by dream bean
· hearts in love and denial by gasha-aisu
· valentine's day! by aitashiaku
** wife contest by blackbelt
· gravity by impressionistfenrin
· i wanna be a supermodel by sarafu-chan
· love story by ang3lix
· fight for survival by jyuuken
· caught in the moment by only secret
** broken hearts by lead you in
** little peace of heaven by leanne ashley
· sakura's village by soul of manga
** temptations by beaucoup riant
** the drama high school brings by -x.brokenrainbow
** an ending for a new beginning by adariaswrath23
- yakuza by crazy-silly-me
** like vitamin water by angelforshow
** blind by obsidiansickle
- why even numbers rock by kiwipoptart
- sakura no yousei by blackkunoichi
- obsessed by inuyashacrazyfangal
- a happily ever after right? wrong by xxmisslilangelxx
** captured by lenag09
** uchiha reconstruction by blue moiraine sedai
** to love and to love again by animequeen100
** color theory by bluegreenapples
** damned and damask by endoh
** ripples by yellow mask
** and all the king's horses by icarusy
- in nine days by cutecrazyice
- let me see by cassandra nitewing
** audeamus by ohwhatsherface
- waking to you by surmise
** color of my nails by astonishing.ashley
** dark miscellaneuous by smos
- you're no exception by xxasuka-chanxx
- spring of faith by littledustbunny
- last chances by lady-simplyme
- i'm yours by sasukelove2
- what could have been by lovemedeadly
- shades of grey by lady hanaka
- everything is alright by neon genesis
- together by darkpetaltaki
** the games we play by imadecookies

Enjoy! And if you want more recommendations (ie KakaSaku, etc) CLICK HERE for my giant fanfiction recommendation list!

And if anyone sees a story that isn't in here that they feel SHOULD belong in this list...send me a link and I'll see if I can add it in!
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